Street Sweeping

Many of our storm sewers lead directly to our lakes, while some lead to detention ponds that then lead to lakes and streams.  Street cleaning removes dirt and debris from town streets, protects water quality, minimizes the burden on the storm sewer system from surface debris, and prevents physical damage to pavements.

Washing your vehicle or rinsing the deck of your lawn mower in your driveway puts unwanted material in our streets. Grass clippings blown into the road, dog droppings, trash, paper, anti-freeze, gas & motor oil are all unwanted materials flushed into the street and down the storm sewer when it rains. Blowing snow into the street also adds to the problem because it causes our snow plow crew to use more anti-icing agents to keep the roads safe for travel.

The town’s two (2) street sweepers start to clean winter debris from the streets as soon as weather permits in the spring. Road dirt, sand and debris are at their heaviest due to the winter season. Every street in the Town of Menasha is swept in the spring, with priority placed on arterial and collector streets with curb & gutter, then all other streets. During the summer months curb & gutter streets are swept twice per month, and other streets swept as needed.

Town of Menasha Street personnel removes over 150 tons of street sweepings from our streets each year. Please help us reduce this amount and help keep our waterways clean.