License and Permit Applications

Individual License Application License Period License Fee
Bartender (Operator) License, New Applicants
Granted to individuals who sell or serve alcohol beverages in licensed establishments.

WI Dept of Revenue Approved Beverage Server Training Courses
Operator License Qualifications & Supervision Information
24 months. Expiring Dec 31 in year following the year in which granted.

Or pro-rated

Bartender (Operator) License, Provisional
Issued to applicants applying for a regular Operator License for the purpose of bartending during the period of time their application for a regular license is being processed.
Expires in 60 days or whenever regular license is granted or denied.


Bartender (Operator) License, Temporary
Issued to those operators employed by or donating their services to a non-profit corporation
for the serving of fermented malt beverages and/or wine. A person is limited to two temporary licenses in a year.
Not more than 14 consecutive days.


Permanent Merchant (Seller) Permit
Individuals representing a permanent merchant located in the Fox Valley who are conducting direct sales must apply for a permit and pay a fee. A fee is also required for a background check which is performed by the Police Department. All applicants must supply Seller Permit and Surety Bond or proof of liability insurance when applying.  Sellers MUST follow Village ordinances when conducting sales. See Sec. 9.025 Transient Merchants
60 days from date of application

Includes conducting background check

Transient Merchant (Seller) Permit
Permit is required for any persons outside of the Fox Valley engaging in direct sales on public right-of-way or private residences. Must provide copy of Seller Permit and Surety Bond or proof of liability insurance when applying. Sellers MUST follow Village ordinances when conducting sales. See Sec. 9.025 Transient Merchants
60 days after approval by village board

Includes conducting background check

Business License Applications License Period

License Fee

Agent Appointment of, Successor
Any corporation, organization, or limited liability company applying for a license to sell fermented malt beverages and/or intoxicating liquor must appoint an agent to act for the company with full authority and have control of the premises and of all business relative to alcohol beverages conducted on the premises therein.
During 12 month term of license, unless successor is appointed within the same term $10
Agent Appointment Schedule, by Corporation/Nonprofit organization or Limited Liability Company
All corporations/organizations or limited liability companies applying for a license to sell fermented malt beverages and/or intoxicating liquor must appoint an agent.
Amusements License, Mechanical
Granted to persons who lease or own one or more amusement machines for use or operation in the village. This includes any machine or device for use as a game, contest, amusement or to supply music (pool tables, video games, jukebox, dartboard, karaoke). Note: Some machines such as video poker and coin pushers are deemed illegal-check with Police Dept.

12 months, or expiring June 30 of next year $100
Auxiliary Questionnaire for Original/Renewal Alcohol Beverage License Application
All individuals, partners, officers and directors and the agent of corporations and members or managers, and agent of limited liability companies making application for a liquor license must complete this form and attach it to the ORIGINAL ALCOHOL BEVERAGE LICENSE APPLICATION (Form AT-l06).  Any Successor Agent, and all those applying for renewal must include the Auxiliary Form.

Complete each year  
Beer Garden Permit
Permit required for outdoor consumption of alcohol beverages on any part of the licenses premises not enclosed within the building. Proper fencing is required. Hours of operation are limited to how the area is zoned, whether commercial or residential.

12 months, or expiring June 30 of next year $100
Bowling Alley License
Any bowling alley must be licensed.

12 months, or expiring June 30 of next year $100
 Christmas Tree Dealer Permit
License is required for the sale of Christmas trees, wreaths, and the like. A permit may be issued provided zoning requirements are met and a site plan is approved by the Community Development Department prior to setup. Permit may be issued after November 1 and lot must be cleared within 14 days of December 25, each year.

 60 Days  
Cigarette and Tobacco License
License required for those selling, bartering or giving away cigarette or tobacco products.
For licensing information, click on Wisconsin Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco Laws for Retailers
Alcohol Beverage License Applications MUST BE FILED with the Clerk at least 15 days before granting by the Village Board, and are subject to publication requirements.
12 months, or expiring June 30 of next year $100
Class “A” Fermented Malt Beverage Retailer’s License
Authorizes the retail sale of fermented malt beverages for consumption away from the licensed premises. No sales allowed between the hours of 12:00 p.m. midnight and 8:00 a.m.

12 months or pro-rated by month $200 + $55 Publication fee
“Class A” Intoxicating Liquor 
Authorizes the retail sale of intoxicating liquors for consumption away from the licensed premises. No sales allowed between the hours of 9 p.m. and 8 a.m.

12 months or pro-rated by month $350 + $55 Publication fee
Class “B” Fermented Malt Beverage Retailer’s License
For consumption of fermented malt beverages on the licensed premises, or carry-out. On-premise (no sales permitted Mon.-Fri 2 am to 6 am and Sat.-Sun. 2:30 am to 6 am.) Off-premises, or carry-out. (no sales permitted midnight to 6 am.) Annual or six-month license; only one six-month license may be issued during a calendar year. (Class “B” license may be applied for in conjunction with a “Class C” Wine License (Restaurants.))

12 months or pro-rated by month $100 + $55 Publication fee
Class “B” Beer and/or “Class B” Wine, Temporary (Picnic) Licenses
Issued to bona fide clubs, fair associations or agricultural societies, churches, lodges, or societies in existence at least 6 months, veterans organizations, chambers of commerce or similar organizations. Issued for picnics or similar temporary gatherings to sell wine and/or fermented malt beverages. Apply for each separate, temporary event. (Remember to get licensed temporary operators to serve beverages)
Events lasting less than 4 days
Up to 20 licenses may be issued to the licensee for a single event, if each license is issued for the same date and time
Per event
“Class B” Reserve Liquor License
New applicants may apply for a Reserve “Class B” Liquor License for consumption on the licensed premises or away from the licensed premises. These are liquor licenses are available under a quota system that were granted and not issued by the municipality. The $10,000 license fee is paid one time only with the initial application, along with the regular liquor license fees.
From date of application through the term ending June 30 $10,000 + regular fee(s)
“Class C” Wine License (Restaurants)
Allows licensee to sell, offer for sale, barter or give away wine by the glass or in an opened original container for consumption on the licensed premises. May only be granted to restaurants in which the sale of alcoholic beverages is less than 50% of the gross receipts. May apply in conjunction with the Class “B” Fermented Malt Beverage License. See Provisional Retail Licenses below. 

12 months or pro-rated by month $100 + $55 Publication fee
Dance Permit, Public
No person or business shall hold a public dance, with or without admission, in the village without a permit. Health and fire regulations including proper entilation and public facilities must be provided. Stairways connected to the room/hall must be kept open and well-lighted. indecent acts and disorder which may involve police presence may be utilized.

24 hour Period $50
Dog / Cat Licenses
Any person or entity owning, keeping, harboring or having custody of any dog or cat over the age of 5 months must obtain a license in the village. Every owner of a dog/cat more than 5 months of age on January 1 of any year, or 5 months of age within the license year shall annually, or within 30 days from the date the dog/cat becomes 5 months of age, must pay a fee and get their pet(s) licensed. See Finance Department – you MUST bring in current rabies paperwork, along with proof of spay or neuter when registering.

Apply before Mar. 31 or a $10 late fee is added $7 Spayed or Neutered

$12 Not spayed or neutered

Escort and Escort Services
No escort service shall operate or provide service in the Village of Fox Crossing without first obtaining an escort service license.
Fireworks Display Permit, Professional
Fireworks are not allowed in the village. Professional fireworks displays are allowed and shall only be granted a permit for supervised displays by fair associations, amusement parks, and other organizations or groups of individuals upon approval by the Chief of the Fire Department and Chief of Police. Permit must be applied for at least 15 days in advance of the display to be approved by the Village Board.
Per display $25 Plus Bond and Certificate of Liability Insurance
Food Permit
Note: The Village does not license food. You must contact Winnebago County Health Department at 920-232-3000 or visit their website:

Hotel or Motel License
Any building or group of buildings including inns, motels, hotels, tourist homes, lodging and rooming houses, summer camps, cabins or other temporary, public accommodations shall not operate in the village without first obtaining a permit. Owners and operators shall be accountable for providing a safe, healthy environment for their guests and employees, mitigate inappropriate activity, and voluntarily cooperate with the Village Police Department to ensure crime and other activities are addr
essed. Maximum stay, services, consent to inspections and other provisions must be complied with. Application is made with the Village Clerk. See Sec. 9.13 Hotels and Motels. Applications are reviewed by the Community Development, Fire and Police Departments before going to the Planning Commission Meeting for recommendation.

12 months $100 (Room Tax 6% Quarterly)
Liquor Licenses
Go to “C” above, for Class A, Class B, and Class C licenses

Massage or Reflexology License
No person shall engage in the business of massage or reflexology in the village without a permit. Therapists must be state licensed. An application shall contain contact information, the person in charge of where therapist will practice, and other pertinent information. A background check will be performed and a conditional use permit must be obtained if clients visit the therapist’s home for treatments.
12 months $100
Mobile Home Park License
It is unlawful for any person to establish, operate, or maintain or permit to operate property owned, leased or controlled by said person a mobile home park within the limits of the Village of Fox Crossing. A copy of park plan, Security Bond, evidence from the State of Wisconsin to operate a mobile home park, along with a completed application and fee are required. Before issuance of a license, the holder of the mobile home park must be in compliance of all regulations of the village ordinances in all respects.

  $100 Per every 50 spaces
Pawnbroker License
Individuals or firms involved in buying, selling or barter of used goods shall be licensed. Some exceptions apply which waive the licensing requirement.
12 months, or through December 31 of the year applied $210
Provisional Retail License ( For liquor license applicants)
Allows first time applicants time to take the Responsible Beverage Server training course. When Applying for Provisional License, applicant must provide proof of enrollment in a course and complete a regular beverage Operator’s License application, along with payment for both provisional and regular license. The regular Operator’s License will be held until proof of taking the server training has been provided. 
Expires 60 days after issuance, or when a liquor license is issued, whichever is sooner $15, plus regular liquor license fees
Salvage Yard Operator License
No person shall keep or maintain any building or yard for the keeping or storing in commercial quantities or for dealing in any old, used or secondhand materials of any kind including rags, paper, rubbish, bottles, rubber, iron or other metals or junked motor vehicles or parts without first obtaining a license. Such business shall not become hazardous, a public nuisance, or fire hazard and the types of materials to be collected and stored must be suitable in regard to the health, welfare and safety of the public.

12 months / 6 months $100 / $50
Secondhand Dealer Mall and Flea Market License
Any person or firm involved in selling used goods at malls or flea markets shall be licensed.

24 months, starting May 1 of odd-numbered years $165
Security Guard Permit
Any person working as a security guard must make application, pay a fee, and have a thorough background investigation performed.

24 months, from date of approval by the Village Board $15
Snowmobile Renter Business License
Any person or business renting snowmobiles must be licensed.

Special Event License
Any planned occurrence which changes the approved use of any facility, whether inside or outside on public right-of-way, including parades, gatherings, festivals and athletic events attended by the public which impact village services, must be licensed. Apply at least 30 days prior to the event. If this deadline is not met, it does not allow enough time to notify the affected departments and you may be unable to proceed with your event.
Note: Private events not open to the public such as parties, social gatherings, showers, weddings do not need a Special Event License. In any case, if setting up tents, you must still contact the Fire Marshal at 720-7125 prior to setup. Use the application below.
Up to 48 hour Event $150 Plus $150 in escrow, returned 30 days after the event
Tent Permit Application
A Tent Permit Application can be obtained from the Village Clerk.  The tent installer is responsible for obtaining the proper permits. Submit AT LEAST 10 WORKING DAYS PRIOR TO ERECTION OF TENTS. Failure to obtain a permit shall be cause for double the fee. A permit may be revoked for any code violation, false statements, or misrepresentation. 
  Fee: $25.00
Re-inspection Fee: $25.00