Weights & Measures

As a Village, Fox Crossing is required to have a Weights and Measures Program in place. The Weights and Measures Program promotes uniformity in laws, regulations and standards, to ensure the accuracy of commercial weighing and measuring devices, which enhances consumer confidence and protection.  It promotes equity between buyers and sellers in the marketplace for fair competition through testing and enforcement.

Weights and measures are governed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.  Visit their website for program information.

The Village of Fox Crossing is a part of the East Central Weights and Measures Consortium, led by the City of Appleton, who provides sealers to regularly monitor Village businesses for compliance. Sealers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of gas pumps, price scanners, scales and package weights to ensure consumers are receiving their money’s worth in stores.  They also provide businesses guidance on weights and measures laws and regulations. To contact the Village Sealer or W & M Inspectors directly please visit the Wiwma Website.

Weighing or Measuring Device License
A license must be obtained to operate, maintain weights and measures, measuring devices, and systems and accessories used commercially within the Village. See the Village’s Municipal Code for details.

Establishment Record forms are utilized by the Village’s Sealer to collect information of the number of devices operated at each business. In November, the Fox Crossing Finance Office will invoice the businesses annually, for the following year. Licenses are issued by the sealer; the licensing term begins on January 1, and expires on December 31 each year. You may contact the Sealer to verify that your devices are properly permitted, accurate and in compliance, and when adding new devices.  No device may be operated without a current license and seal.

Transient and Permanent Merchants
Anyone purchasing or selling commodities shall notify the Village Sealer before selling activities may commence.

Filing a Complaint
A complaint may be filed by contacting the Village Clerk by telephone (920) 720-7103, in person at the Fox Crossing Municipal Complex, Administration Office, 2000 Municipal Drive, Neenah, Wisconsin, or via e-mail.

For questions, contact the State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection at (608) 224-4942.  To file a complaint on-line, visit the state website.  All consumer complaints will be investigated by the Village Sealer.

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