Commercial, Industrial and Public Authority

Commercial, Industrial and Public Authority Cross Connection Program
To ensure the safety of your water supply, every 2 years, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources requires Fox Crossing Utilities to enforce cross connection backflow compliance of Commercial, Industrial and Public Authority.  To fulfill requirements of DNR Code 810.15 the Compliance Statement and Existing Devices Forms must be completed.  Compliance is mandatory.

 A cross connection survey is an inspection of the water system piping in a building or property, starting at the water meter and ending at the last free flowing tap as required by the Department of Commerce Chapter Comm. 382.41.  Backflow prevention devices will need to be installed at the owner’s expense where current or potential unprotected cross connections exist.

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Compliance Statement
Complete the Cross Connection Compliance Statement in its entirety to satisfy part 2.A. of the Compliance Statement.  Properties with DOC Registered devices, must submit copies of the test results to satisfy part 2.B.  Fill out the Existing Devices Form to satisfy part 2.C.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Existing Devices Form
Fill out the Existing Devices Form to satisfy part 2.C. of the Compliance Statement.  List every device that is used to control cross connections. 

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