We are all dependent on the environment in which we live. We all need clean air to breathe and a clean and plentiful supply of water to drink and to use. We all have a right to a safe living environment, where we have access to necessary goods and cost-effective services. We have the right to grow as individuals and the responsibility to sustain resources for future generations.

Mission Statement

To help sustain our community for future generations by using resources in the most responsible way at the right times and for the right reasons.

The Sustainability Committee meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 5:15p.m. in the Assembly Room at Village Hall.  All are welcome to attend!  Review minutes and agendas online.

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 2016 Sustainability Accomplishments

  1. Created plans for a potential new community garden in Wittman Park.
  2. Installed water spigots at the community garden at Schildt Park
  3. Continued to pursue energy efficiency for the Municipal Complex and the Utility District.
  4. Organized and hosted two electronics recycling events, one in spring and one in fall.
  5. Participated in quarterly Sustainable Communities Network meetings to facilitate collaboration and collective learning between area municipalities.
  6. Produced approximately 7% of the Municipal Complex’s energy needs through solar power.
  7. Researched the possibility of allowing beekeeping in the village and collected public input with surveys.
  8. Continued to work on potential community composting and explored the possibility of a leaf burning ordinance.
  9. Participated in Summer Safety Night.


2017 Sustainability Accomplishments

  1. Designed, planned for and gained approval of a second community garden at Wittmann Park
  2. Put out a monthly Schildt Park Community Garden newsletter
  3. Wrote and gained approval of a Zoning Ordinance amendment to allow beekeeping on residential properties
  4. Organized and hosted two electronics recycling events – one in April and one in October
  5. Participated in quarterly Sustainable Communities Network meetings to facilitate collective learning between area municipalities
  6. Produced approximately 7% of the Municipal Complex’s energy needs through solar power
  7. Continued to work on potential community composting and explored an ordinance for the prohibition of leaf burning
  8. Participated in Summer Safety Night with educational materials about stormwater and solar energy
  9. Collected over 2,000 lbs of plastic film (as of August) for the Trex plastics recycling program and received two free benches

2018 Sustainability Goals and Objectives

  1. Implement community garden in Wittmann Park
  2. Pursue grants for the placement of wind turbines for renewable energy and electric vehicle charging stations
  3. Continue collecting plastic film for the Trex recycling program
  4. Continue hosting electronics recycling events and expand the collection to include batteries, light bulbs and other recyclables
  5. Continue the creation of a linkage with the HSBN business designation and the state’s Green Master’s program
  6. Participate in the Village’s Summer Safety Night, along with other sustainability events in the Village and Valley
  7. Support the Village’s urban forestry efforts
  8. Investigate partnering with high school eco clubs and invite them to participate in Village sustainability events
  9. Continue to participate in the Sustainable Communities Network
  10. Continue exploring changes to the leaf burning ordinance
  11. Collaborate with other municipalities or local experts to explore the feasibility of a municipal compost site
  12. Participate in stormwater education and outreach efforts

Sustainability must be balanced and includes three main focus areas:

  1. Environment – protecting the natural resources that we depend on for life (clean air, water, food)
  2. Economy – providing cost effective goods and services
  3. Society – meeting human needs fairly and efficiently

Real Outcomes of Sustainability

  1. Reduced carbon emissions and overall impact on the environment
  2. Greater innovation and adaptability in community services and practices
  3. More efficient utilization of natural resources
  4. Increased resident awareness, participation and involvement in the community
  5. Improvements to individual health, safety and well being

Value to Resident and Society

  • Greater resident satisfaction
  • Improved environmental performance
  • Increased quality of life and sense of community
  • Improved cost effectiveness and capital utilization

Sustainability Policy Key Guiding Principles

  • Encourage active participation and effective input from all residents on issues of planning and sustainability
  • Encourage and provide for cooperative and open relationships between individuals, neighborhoods, communities, local and state governments and other organizations/agencies
  • Think Globally, Act Locally: to ensure implementation of sustainability goals and objectives, village leadership and staff will be guided by principles of sustainability in their actions and decisions

Sustainability Strategy

  • Ensure sustainability factors are included in all planning and decision-making processes
  • Consistently measure and report on progress towards sustainability for continuous re-evaluation and improvement
  • Focus on effective utilization of energy and raw materials
  • Ensure that the capability to meet all regulatory requirements and standards are not compromised

What Can You Do?

Get Involved!

  • Attend Sustainability Committee meetings – we welcome new ideas and new points of view

Get Informed!

  • Attend an ECOS-Fox Valley event
  • Go to your local library
  • Search the internet

Take Action!

  • Even little changes can make big differences
  • Plant a tree/plant or a rain garden
  • Bike/carpool/ride the bus
  • Buy locally
  • Change your light bulbs
  • Turn off your lights while not in use
  • Turn your heat down
  • Have a chemical-free lawn
  • Use environmentally-friendly cleaning products
  • Recycle

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