Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is there a different fee for residents or non-residents when they rent a park or community center room?
    YES, there are two separate fees for park pavilions and Community Center rooms.  Residents of the Town of Menasha and City of Menasha (due to a reciprocity agreement) pay the resident fee.  All other individuals are required to pay the non-resident fee.  Proof of residency is required.

  • Is alcohol / beer allowed in town parks?
    YES, alcohol is allowed in all town parks. However, no glass is allowed.

  • Is alcohol / beer allowed at the Community Center?
    NO, alcohol is strictly prohibited on the Community Center premises.

  • Are there kitchens in the park pavilions?
    YES, 5 of the 6 parks have a kitchen to rent.  Wittmann Park is the only pavilion that does not have a kitchen available.

  • Does our office take credit cards?
    YES, we now take MasterCard, Visa and Discover in the office.  We are only able to process transactions over the counter, not via phone.

  • Who do we call about long grass or noxious weeks?
    The Parks & Recreation Department enforces the noxious weed ordinance.  This is a complaint driven process only.  To report noxious weeds, please call our department.