Adopt-A-Trail Program

The Fox Crossing Adopt-A-Trail is an all-volunteer program that gives the public an opportunity to be actively involved in conserving and maintaining the natural wealth and beauty of the Village of Fox Crossing’s trail system.

Families, businesses, faith communities or civic organizations can partner with the parks and recreation department to continue to beautify our village through its trails.  Volunteers assist with the vital task of protecting and maintaining the many trails along village roadways.

Currently the Village of Fox Crossing manages and maintains just over 21 miles of trails.  The remaining portion of the trail system will be designed and developed in coordination with street redevelopment projects as time and budgets allow.

Adopt-A-Trail Guidelines

Adopt-A-Trail Inspection Report

Fox Crossing Trail System Map (PDF)

Fox Crossing Adopt-A-Trail Interactive Map

Current Adopt-A-Trail Supporters