Right-of-Way Encroachments

Village of Fox Crossing Municipal Code Chapter 337-5

In many instances, property owners or contractors place fences, rocks/boulders, trees/shrubs, unauthorized mailboxes, earthwork, underground sprinkler systems, underground utilities/devices or other objects within village right-of-way as a measure of enhancing or protecting the property. However, these fixed objects often become vision obstructions, hazards to motorists or interfere with drainage and/or public utilities. No individual, partnership or corporation shall cause any excavation, alteration or obstruction (excluding trees – see chapter 337-18) within Village of Fox Crossing right-of-ways or easements without first obtaining a construction/excavation permit application and subsequent approval by the Village of Fox Crossing Street Superintendent or Village Manager. No rock gardens, boulders, benches or fences shall be built or maintained in any public right-of-way.