Garbage Collection

Do not place the following items in your garbage cart:

  • recyclable materials collected curbside – aluminum containers, corrugated paper and container board, glass containers, magazines, newspapers, office paper, junk mail and plastic containers
  • yard waste including leaves and grass clippings
  • steel containers, waste tires, and mixed beverage containers that are primarily made of steel and aluminum – these items must be disposed of properly

Carts shall be placed curbside between 3:00p.m. the day before your scheduled collection day and BEFORE 6:00a.m. on your collection day.  If it is put out late and you miss your pickup, you will have to wait until the next week for pickup.  All carts shall be removed by 8:00a.m. on the day following collection.

Place the cart with the arrow on the lid pointing toward the street.  Do not place the cart within three (3) feet of any object (five (5) feet would be ideal) and do not park any vehicles in front of the cart.  If possible, please place the garbage cart on one side of the driveway and the recycling cart on the other side, but make sure your mailbox is accessible.

All garbage must fit inside the cart with the lid closed.  Please hold overflow garbage until the next week’s pickup whenever possible.  For overflow refuse weighing less than 45 pounds, you must affix an overflow tag to the bag or item for curbside pickup.  Tags may be purchased at the Municipal Complex.  For large items over 45 pounds, you must make special arrangements for disposal.  Please see the Village of Fox Crossing Solid Waste Policy for details.

DO NOT exceed the following weights:
96 gallon cart – 335 lbs.     64 gallon cart – 224 lbs.     48 gallon cart – 168 lbs.

DO NOT use your blue recycling cart for garbage collection!

To prevent trash from blowing out of the cart and to help keep the cart clean, we suggest placing all of your garbage in large plastic bags.

The carts are Village of Fox Crossing property and must be left at the residence.  Each cart has a unique serial number which has been assigned to your residence.  If you would like to mark your carts with your name or address, we suggest using masking tape (or other non-permanent tape) on which to write your identifying information.  You can then affix it to the underside (inside) of the cart lid.  DO NOT use any permanent methods to label your cart.