Frequently Asked Questions


  • A street light on my road is burned out/flickering/on all the time.  Who do I contact?

WE ENERGIES maintains street lights in the Town of Menasha.  To report a malfunctioning street light, visit WE ENERGIES’ website at: or call WE ENERGIES directly at  1-800-242-9137 (press “0” for the operator).  If you are able to obtain the pole number, that would be very helpful.

  • Where can I dispose of used engine oil?

The Town of Menasha Municipal Complex has a used engine oil drop-off site located at the west end of the parking lot.   Please take your empty oil containers back home with you.

  • I’ve hired a contractor to pour my driveway.  Do I need a permit?

No, you do not need a driveway permit to pour a driveway apron or an entire driveway.  However, driveways must be at the same height or lower than the surface of the roadway so that in the winter, snow plows are not damaged by the driveway being too high.  Driveway aprons that are paved in concrete or asphalt are done at the owner’s expense and risk.

  • Will my grass clippings be picked up on yard waste pick up day?

No, grass clippings are not picked up in the Town of Menasha.  Fertilize your lawn by leaving your grass clippings on the lawn.  Grass clippings are rich in nitrogen, an important fertilizing agent.  If you must get rid of your grass clippings, you may take them to the Winnebago County Landfill in Oshkosh (727-2884).

  • Where I can drop off branches and brush from my yard?

The Town of Menasha Tree & Brush Drop-off Center is located at 1422 E. Shady Lane. This site is open and available during the Tree & Brush Chipping Program to Town of Menasha residents only. The drop-off center will only accept tree branches, brush, stumps (no more than 50 lbs), and roots with intact root balls.

Please note: The Town of Menasha brush chipper will be in your neighborhood during the Tree & Brush Chipping Program to chip your branches and brush curbside.  Refer to the annual Town of Menasha “Garbage/Recycling Calendar” for specific dates.