Support Services

Communication Technicians & Records

Typically the first contact a person has with the police department is the communication technician that answers the phone or greets them as they walk into the police department. The police department front office/command center is open Monday-Friday 6am – 6pm. In addition to those phone calls and lobby visitors, our communication technicians are responsible for typing the thousands of reports that are handled by the officers along with verifying warrants and researching information for the officers on the street.

Emergency Dispatch

Emergency or 911 calls as well as dispatching are provided by the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department.  All of our patrol vehicles are equipped with laptop computers allowing officers to be dispatched via computer as well allowing them to search state and national databases in their vehicle.  The vehicles are also equipped with GPS units allowing for the dispatchers to monitor their location.


Tactical operations are handled through a joint SWAT team with the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department.  We have 2 officers that are assigned to the SWAT team and respond to all call outs in either the Village of Fox Crossing or Winnebago County.