PROFESSIONALISM–through quality education, recognized certification and career long learning, all fire department personnel will continue to improve their knowledge, skills and abilities.

RESPONSIVE–based on available resources and ingenuity, the fire fighters and officers will provide any community service, on a timely basis, that is founded in the mission of the fire department.  In any activity, the safety and well-being of the fire fighters shall be highest priority.

INTEGRITY–to follow our Code of Ethics.

DEDICATION–the expectation of the fire department management team is to be loyal to the Town of Menasha while providing direction and guidance to our fire fighters.  It is expected that through open, honest interactive communications, all members of the fire department team will work together to strive for harmony and effective relationships.

EXCELLENCE–the management team’s goal is to provide the best possible community service through participatory leadership.  Fire fighters and citizens are encouraged to be involved in decision-making on departmental and community issues.  The necessity of orderly emergency scenes require command and control of human resources–rules will be enforced and officer decisions shall be followed.  Our Standard Operating Guidelines will provide the framework for such decisions.