Code of Ethics


This code of ethics provides guidance to members of the Town of Menasha Fire Department in discharging their responsibilities.

Relationship to the Community

Each member of the fire department is expected to demonstrate the highest standard of personal integrity, truthfulness, honesty and fortitude in all public activities.

When speaking or acting as a private person or member of a group, members of the Department should not create the impression that they speak or act for the fire department.

All members shall avoid any activity giving rise to conflict of interest, actual or perceived.

No member of the organization shall use the town or department name, logo, letterhead or affiliation in any way to obtain profit, personal gain or favors.

No member shall use affiliation with the town and department in connection with a partisan political campaign or lobbying activities in any way.

Conduct and participate in community events.

Consider every person a customer.


Relationship to the Fire Department

In supporting the mission of the department, members abide by the ethics statements, organizational statement, SOG’s and policies of the town and Fire Department. They maintain the right to use appropriate means to seek revisions to those statements and policies.

All members shall take reasonable steps to protect against disclosure of confidential information.

All statements of policy or position shall be formally approved by the Fire Chief before public release.

No member may use the department title or affiliation in connection with a commercial or organization endeavor.

Members shall use their affiliation only during their term of such affiliation.

Members maintain high standards of professional competence and meet qualitative and quantitative standards of performance.  They seek and participate in appropriate professional development activities.

Members seek to advance the welfare of the Department through accountability for the proper use of town funds, personnel, equipment and other resources.


Relationship to Each Other

Each individual member of the Town of Menasha Fire Department is responsible and accountable for his/her own actions, and to some extent, for the well being of other members.  Remember these behaviors and practice them on a daily basis. They are:

1. Consideration: be considerate of one another’s values, ideals, possessions, feelings, etc.

2. Discretion: Be discrete when communicating with other members of the fire department.

3. Tolerance: Be tolerant of our differences whether they are color, gender, religious faith and lots of others. These are the differences that make us stronger as a family and better able to serve the needs of our diverse community.

4. Unity:  During good times and in difficult times, the organization must continue to work together as a team. Remember individuals make up a team.

Exploitation, discrimination, abuse, harassment and insensitivity are always wrong.  It is the responsibility of members to strive to eliminate them whether they are unconscious or conscious, covert or overt, while taking care to respect the rights of others.

Respect towards positions of authority and leadership shall be granted as the people who have earned such positions have worked hard to obtain them and such positions are critical to our semi-military form of decision making.

Practice safety in all aspects of department activity.

Progressive discipline, up to and including discharge, may be imposed for cause if a member is found in violation of these articles.