Frequently Asked Questions
Do you charge for fire response?
The Town of Menasha Fire Department does not charge residents for any type of fire response with the exception of false alarms and motor vehicle incidents.  The Town Fire Prevention Code allows the fire department to submit an invoice for payment when a resident or business has more than one false alarm in a 12-month period.  A motor vehicle incident shall be described as any call for service which occurs on any state highway, county road or town street where the Fire Department offers assistance for but not limited to victim care, victim extraction, fire suppression, or fluid spill cleanup.

Do you charge for emergency medical responses?
Because the Town of Menasha Fire Department does not operate a transporting ambulance service, we do not charge for medical runs.  Any invoice you may receive for emergency medical services will be from an ambulance provider.

Why does the fire truck respond when there is a medical call?
Occasionally the firefighters are in training or responding from another emergency call.

Do you charge for Carbon Monoxide Checks?
The Fire Department does not charge for responses when you call about your carbon monoxide detector sounding.  Carbon monoxide detectors have made good improvements in quality over the years, but whenever any family member has flu-like symptoms when they are home and no symptoms when they are out of the house, there may be a chance of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Don’t hesitate to call us to check for carbon monoxide.

When should I call the fire department for help?
The Town of Menasha Fire Department wants to be called whenever you need our help, smell or see smoke or fire, or for medical emergencies.  Regardless of how much or little smoke or flames or regardless of how really bad you feel, we are here to help you in any type of emergency.

Should I call if I had a small fire that I extinguished myself?
Always call whenever you have any size fire in your residence or business, even if you think it is extinguished.  The fire department will respond one engine to check to make sure the fire has not extended into a space out of your sight that could result in a fire loss later.  Additionally, by contacting us we can see what type of fire incidents are happening in the community and provide public education programs that address the specific issues.

Why does the dispatch center ask so many questions when I call for help?
The Winnebago County Emergency Communications Center has skilled dispatchers whose responsibility is to ensure that the proper help is sent to any emergency call.  Although it may seem like it takes a lot of time to answer questions, the information you give to the dispatcher is relayed to the responding units; preparing us to better serve you immediately upon arrival.

Does the fire department search for animals in a fire?
The fire department’s primary mission is to save the life of any person exposed to fire or smoke.  After the fire is under control, we will look for any pets you may have, but we need to make sure the conditions are safe to the extent that the fire is significantly extinguished and does not pose an immediate threat to firefighters or civilians.  In multi-family dwellings we cannot let you go in and look for pets or personal items until the units are deemed safe.

What type of safety programs can the fire department offer to schools and organizations?
The fire department is actively involved in several of the church based schools in responding to requests for presentation to their students.  For the younger grades we address items such as “Stop, Drop and Roll,” “Calling for 911,” “Smoke Detectors,” “Matches and Lighter Safety,” and “Firefighters are Your Friends.”  For older students we will customize any safety lesson depending upon the request from the teacher.  We also participate in Career and Safety Days.

What type of safety programs can the fire department offer to businesses?
The Fire Department has the resources, both in printed and video form as well as the expertise of its staff to present most fire and business safety lessons.  We also encourage businesses to include employee home fire and life safety lessons as part of a comprehensive safety program.  The Fire Department also offers fire extinguisher training upon request.

Where can I get my child’s car seat inspected?
The Fire Department has a member that is a certified child passenger safety technician.  Car seat inspections are done to ensure that the installation is correct and that the seat is the proper one for your child.  Expecting parents are encouraged to make an appointment before the baby arrives to ensure that your new bundle of joy is protected.  Car seat inspections are done by appointment at one of the three fitting stations in the Fox Valley.  You may contact Nurse Direct at (800) 362-9900 to schedule an appointment.  For those town residents that cannot make one of the fitting stations you may contact the fire department at (920) 720-7125 to schedule a time to have your child’s car seat inspected.

Can the fire department come inspect my house?
The fire department is not allowed to inspect private residences unless invited by the homeowner.  Our visit may be less of an inspection that would result in violation documentation as it is an opportunity to address home safety issues.  The Town of Menasha Fire Department developed an E.D.I.T.H. (Exit Drills in the Home) program where fire department staff (weather permitting) will come to your home with a fire truck and talk to your family about safety issues and assist you in developing a home escape plan.

Does the fire department require an open burning permit?
There is no burning permit required in the Town of Menasha.  However, a person shall not kindle or maintain or authorize to be kindled or maintained any burning unless conducted and approved in accordance with the burning ordinance of the Town of Menasha Code (5.16).  You may find the  burning ordinance on our website ( or contact the fire department for a copy of the Burning Ordinance brochure.

Are fireworks legal in the Town of Menasha?
The term “fireworks” shall mean and include any combustible or explosive composition, or any substance or combination of substances or article prepared for the purpose of producing a visible or audible effect by combustion, explosion, deflagration or detonation.  The sale and discharge of fireworks are prohibited in the Town with the exception of sparklers and snakes.

Can I make a contribution to the fire department?

The Fire Department is supported by your tax dollars. However, we do accept donations for the purpose of public education programs and fire safety equipment.

Can the Fire Department help when my child seems too curious about fires?
Children and fire is a dangerous combination.  The fire department has created the FYI (Firesetting Youth Intervention) Program to help children and their families understand the dynamics behind youth firesetting, offer education and resources to ensure this behavior will not be repeated.  Contact the Fire Department to discuss the program and set an appointment.

Does the Fire Department charge businesses for inspections?
The Fire Department is required by state law to perform fire prevention visits (inspections) to ensure that a business is safe for its employees and customers.  The initial visit is performed at no charge. However, if on subsequent visits we discover that an identified fire code violation is not taken care of, we will invoice the business $25.00/violation per visit.  If after two visits the issue is still not corrected, we have the discretion to issue a citation requiring a court appearance.

Does the Fire Department charge a fee for installing sprinkler or fire alarm systems?
For business occupancies the fire department charges a review fee for sprinkler and fire alarms systems.  The fees are located in Appendix B of the Town Municipal Code.  Application are available from the Fire Department.  The town’s fire prevention code section 5.23 outline the various Fire Department Fees.

Does the Fire Department have staff on duty 24-hours a day?
Unlike Appleton or the Cities of Neenah and Menasha, the Fire Department does not have staff on station 24-hours per day.  With the exception of five (5) full-time employees the fire department has fifty (50) dedicated firefighter/first responders that are citizens of the town or live nearby.  That is why it is so very important that as soon as you realize there is a fire, you contact 9-1-1.  Our firefighters will respond from their homes to the fire station to gear up and bring the necessary apparatus and equipment to your assistance.

Do the firefighters need to be trained before applying to the Fire Department?
The Town of Menasha Fire Department will interview people with an interest in serving the community.  If a candidate does not have previous training, they will be expected to participate in firefighter training at the Fox Valley Technical College completing their firefighter certification within their first year of service.  The second year they are expected to get their Medical First Responder training certification.