Running for Public Office

The Village Board consists of a Village President and Six Trustees who serve at-large and represent the entire Village’s population. Three (3) Trustees are elected for two-year terms which expire in even years. Three (3) Trustees and the Village President are elected for two-year terms expiring in odd years.

The Municipal Judge is elected for a four-year term which expires in odd years, with the term commencing on May 1.  A law degree is not required for the Municipal Judge’s position.

Village elections are held on the first Tuesday in April. The newly-elected officials take their seat on the third Tuesday in April.

To run for an office, nomination papers are available at the Village Clerk’s office, or the Wisconsin Elections Commission website. Click on the ELIS-7 Ballot Access Checklist for Municipal Candidates link to obtain information on the filing of forms and deadlines for filing in the Village Clerk’s office. The Village Clerk or Deputy Clerk can assist you throughout the process.

Candidates running for Municipal Judge must also file a Statement of Economic Interests with the Wisconsin Ethics Commission by 4:30 p.m. on the third business day following the deadline for filing nomination papers.

If any of the required forms are not filed properly or by the deadline, the candidate’s name will NOT be placed on the ballot.