Town of Menasha Incorporation Submittal Report

You will find all the information concerning the town of Menasha incorporation submittal report here.  All appendix items are linked in the Town of Menasha Incorporation Submittal Report.  You can also find links to all appendix items directly on this page.

If you are looking for more history regarding the incorporation please read our post, Incorporation Information

Town of Menasha Incorporation

Table of Contents

Town of Menasha Incorporation Submittal Report

Appendix A

Map 1 Proposed Village of Fox Crossing
Map 2 Metropolitan Community
Map 3a 1951 Boundary
Map 3b 2015 Boundary
Map 4 Proposed Incorporation Aerial
Map 5 Pop Density Distribution
Map 6 Housing Density Distribution
Map 7 Pop Density and Land Use
Map 8 Existing Land Uses 2000
Map 9 Existing Land Uses 2010
Map 10 Farmland Soil Classification
Map 11 Topography
Map 12 Wetlands and Streams
Map 13 Subwatersheds
Map 14 School Districts
Map 15 Future Land Use Map
Map 16 Parks and Trails
Map 17 MS4 System
Map 18 Zoning 2015
Map 19 Subdivisions
Map 20 Lands for Sale or Ready to Develop
Map 21 Future Roads
Map 22 WIS-441-Project-Map
Map 23 Urbanized Area
Map 24 Functional Classification
Map 25 SSA
Map 26 SW Utility
Map 27 WDNR Landfills
Map 28 Intergov Agr Borders
Map 29 Pop by Census Block
Map 30 Housing by Census Block
Map 31 Utility District

Appendix B

Exhibit 1 Incorporation Informational Newsletter
Exhibit 2 Comprehensive Plan
Exhibit 3 Park & Open Space Plan
Exhibit 4 Land Division Ordinance
Exhibit 5 Stormwater Management Plan
Exhibit 6 Bike & Pedestrian Plan 2015
Exhibit 7 Zoning Ordinance
Exhibit 8 Municipal Code of Ordinances
Exhibit 9 Post-Construction Stormwater Management
Exhibit 10 Construction Site Erosion Control
Exhibit 11 Storm Sewer & Road Standards & Specs
Exhibit 12 Town Business Profile 2013
Exhibit 13 Fox Cities TIP
Exhibit 14 GCMW SSA Map
Exhibit 15 Neenah-Menasha SSA Map
Exhibit 16 City of Menasha Border Agreement
Exhibit 17 Appleton Border Agreement
Exhibit 18 City of Neenah Utility Agreement
Exhibit 19 Town of Neenah Utility Agreement
Exhibit 20 Proposed Detailed Budget
Exhibit 21 Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports
Exhibit 22 Accurate Appraisal, LLC Agreement
Exhibit 23 Auto Aid Agreement Town of Neenah
Exhibit 24 Auto Aid Agreement Grand Chute
Exhibit 25 Auto Aid Agreement Greenville
Exhibit 26 Auto Aid Agreement Clayton-Winchester
Exhibit 27 MABAS Agreement
Exhibit 28 Fire Department ISO Rating Letter
Exhibit 29 CFAI Report
Exhibit 30 Winn Co Sheriff’s Office Warrant Transport Agreement
Exhibit 31 Joint Agreement for Traffic Jurisdiction
Exhibit 32 Joint Powers Agreement with Winnebago Co
Exhibit 33 TIME System Agency Agreement
Exhibit 34 Fox Valley Mutual Aid Agreement
Exhibit 35 Lake Winnebago Area MEG Agreement
Exhibit 36 Advanced Disposal Contract
Exhibit 37 Winn Co Solid Waste Management Contract
Exhibit 38 Town Capital Replacement Schedule
Exhibit 39 Town Viability Report
Exhibit 40 WI 441 Tri-County Project
Exhibit 41 Park & Recreation Guides
Exhibit 42 Fox Cities SSA Plan
Exhibit 43 Resolution Adopting Village Powers