2019 Water Utility Rate Study

Request for Proposal for Water Utility Rate Study (2019)

The Village of Fox Crossing is requesting proposals (RFP) for a rate study of the Village Water Utility rates and rate structure.  The Village last completed a study in 2011 that resulted in a rate change effected 03/01/12.  The RFP and relevant attachments are listed below.


Project Timeline

Request for Proposal Issued 04/18/19
Questions due 05/01/19, 4:00 pm, CST
Proposals Due 05/10/19, 4:00 pm, CST
Village Board awards contract 05/20/19
Contract Commencement 05/22/19



Please direct questions about this RFP and its’ process to:
Jeremy Searl, Deputy Finance Director
Jsearl [at] foxcrossingwi [dot] gov


All clarifications, responses to questions, and/or RFP revisions will be documented in an addendum and publicly published to the Village’s website above, listed under the Questions and Responses bullet point.  The Village will attempt to publicly publish addenda on a timely basis between the RFP publishing date and the date of any final addendum on Monday, May 6th by 4:00pm.

Only questions and answers documented in an addendum shall be binding.   The Village reserves the right to revise the RFP prior to the publishing of final addendums on May 6th by 4:00pm.  Revisions shall be documented in an addendum and will also be publicly published to the website above.

Persons obtaining the RFP accept responsibility for checking the Village website for amendments and addenda.  While attempts will be made to email known institutions that intend to respond, the Village of Fox Crossing is not responsible for notifying persons obtaining this RFP or any amendments or addenda.